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In 1973, Dorothy Retallack published a book called The Sound of Music and Plants. The book gave a detailed account of the experiments she conducted using different sounds to stimulate/prevent plant growth.  While Mrs. Retallack deemed her research a success, others claim that plants can’t distinguish between music and other sounds.  It is believed that pressure from sound waves create vibrations that could be picked up by plants. Biologist Daniel Chamovitz, believes that music is not ‘ecologically’ relevant for plants. However, this has not stopped others from disputing the claim. In a 1986 interview, Prince Charles of Wales, discussed his relationship with his garden, commenting “I just come and talk to the plants. It’s very important to talk to them; they respond.” While numerous experiments have been orchestrated involving plant growth, the effect of sound on the subject has remained a ‘contentious’ topic.


                                                                                                                                                                                             What's Wrong With My Plant? (2017)

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