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According to the U.N., more than 54% of the world's population are living in cities, forcing many newly urbanized inhabitants to learn how to 'make do with less' - particularly when it comes to smaller living/work spaces. Ori Systems engineer Hasier Larrea believes that the potential technology with furniture in homes could easily work 'very much the same as a garage door opener works. We are trying to bring those capabilities to closets and walls so that space becomes more malleable.' In 2015, The Washington Post claimed that since September 11th 2001, Americans are as likely to be killed by their own furniture than by terrorists. The simple deed of moving furniture safely to make more space has resulted in numerous video tutorials made by DIY enthusiasts e.g. How to easily move/slide heavy furniture with a potato (Youtube: S.D.Borge). In Act 3 of Sean O'Casey's Irish play Juno and The Paycock, the repossession and movement of the Boyle's furniture displayed general confusion along with the foreshadowing disintegration of the Boyle family, a specific moment punctual with the tragedy of death. Movable Articles references ideas that exist/lack in attempt to create or alter physical space within homes, while also acknowledging the movements and potential collapse of current/past 'technologies'.

                                                                                                Movable Articles (2017)

                                                                                                           Animation: 04:29         The' whole worl' is in a terrible state o' chassis, Platform Arts, Belfast, N.Ireland.