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Andrew McSweeney (b.1992) completed a BA in Fine Art at CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, in 2015 and an MA in Interdisciplinary Design Practice in 2021 from the Limerick School of Art & Design. Recent exhibitions include his solo exhibition Alone Again, Natura Diddily at the Marina Market, Cork (July 2022), The Stars Are In The Earth at A4 Sounds, Dublin (August 2022) and a virtual reality application displayed at the Earth Rising: IMMA Outdoors: Eco Festival (October 2022) at the Irish Museum of Modern Art along with the group show Switch / PLAY in digital festival in Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland (November 22). New work will be exhibited as part of the electronic language international File Festival at the Fiesp Cultural Center in São Paulo - Brazil (July-August 2023).He was recently awarded the Visual Arts Agility Award in (2021/2022) by the Irish Arts Council and is a member of Backwater Studios and Sample-Studios in Cork City, Ireland.


My work has strongly developed with the use of 3D software and progressed towards the creation of digital reproductions through various formats taken from my natural surroundings. The digital aspect of my practice involves the creation of digital scans/textures that are accompanied by sound pieces and interactive experiences highlighting the thin border of physical and virtual worlds amongst mixed realities. My practice also involves the use of algorithmic processes, generating various possibilities linked with designs influenced by nature. Photogrammetric processes used in my work are relevant to its potential importance on digitally archiving content for future generations spanning across multiple disciplines including but not limited to education, visual art and academic research. A tool used without physically interacting with objects or chosen subjects creating a coherent link between theoretical education and restoration practice. New technologies and mixed realities enable artists as well as viewers to personally reflect on social issues and to have an equal understanding of important ecological and environmental discussions.

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