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Appropriating Nature (2023)


A series of playful digital simulations of organic assets and modelled objects manipulated by computer generated physics within 3D software. Digitised elements from nature such as rocks, wood and general debris have been photo-scanned specifically for the piece. This piece highlights current research within the studio of collecting and gathering data/information from outdoor settings relevant to photogrammetric processes. A tool used without physically interacting with objects or chosen subjects creating a coherent link between theoretical education and restoration practice. It is a result of multiple tests produced by complete chance due to controlled turbulent collisions and interactions within digital applications. Objects collide with intensity and aggression within simulated force fields resulting in gradual changes to outcomes throughout the piece.

Photogrammetric processes used in my work are relevant to its potential importance on digitally archiving content for future generations spanning across multiple disciplines including but not limited to education, visual art and academic research.

Video: Preview // Simulations with 3D scans taken from different locations in Ireland. 


Software // Agisoft Metashape Pro, Reality Capture, Adobe Substance 3D Painter, Unity & Blender.

Work / Force / Field // A4 Sounds, Dublin. 3.8.23 - 27.8.23 

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