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Trap (2023) (04:30) // Loop

The 3D scanned insect specimens used these simulations have been sourced from the research laboratory of Digital Archive of Natural History in Darmstadt, Germany who developed a DISC3D micro scanner to digitally preserve insect specimens who are in danger of becoming extinct due to human activity. The work seeks promote and highlight endangered diversity amongst insect specimens as well as the importance of digitally archiving natural history collections. 

Data | Art // The Lord Mayor's Pavilion, Cork. 31.6.23 - 1.7.23 

To the Bin My Friend, Tonight We Vacate Earth (2022) (04:10) // Loop


Exhibited as a three-channel digital simulation consisting of photogrammetric processes, animation and audio.


The work explores ideas around equality and mortality as well decisions that are made daily by people and those who influence them. Insects and flies are simulated along different paths while the weather experiences rapid changes throughout the piece, ultimately heading towards one outcome.


Slight changes to the climate throughout the piece, dictate and manipulate the direction the flies go in. The simulation underlines the freedom some of these insects have, with some lucky enough avoiding death, while others whether attracted by the flickering light or not, are forced to their final exit. The audio for the work is a combination of collected sounds from nature and effects highlighting the lively approach to producing the piece. 

Image courtesy of A4 Sounds, taken by Kate-Bowe O'Brien Photography

The Stars Are in the Earth // A4 Sounds, Dublin. 11.8.22 - 28.8.22 

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