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Trap (2023) Virtual Reality

An interactive minigame via a virtual reality (VR) application experienced on an Oculus Quest 2 headset from the perspective of an insect promoting ecological digitization for future generations.

Point of View: You're an insect. You're navigating through nature within a virtual space alongside other unique insect species. Users have the opportunity fly and interact within an intimate ecosystem and engage with other insects, some of whom are close to extinction. Trap (2022-present) is a series of digital simulations consisting of photogrammetric processes, mixed realities, animation, and audio. This concept was was first exhibited as a three-channel video installation exhibited as part of the group show The Stars Are In The Earth at A4 Sounds in Dublin (August 11th - 28th 2022) and will be exhibited in the group show Data | Art at The Lord Mayor's Pavilion, Cork, Ireland (June - July 2023). Previous versions of the work consisted of three individual monitors displaying three different climates of an industrial PestWest Chameleon electric fly trap placed in an outdoor environment. 

The 3D scanned insect specimens used these simulations have been sourced from the research laboratory of Digital Archive of Natural History in Darmstadt, Germany who developed a DISC3D micro scanner to digitally preserve insect specimens who are in danger of becoming extinct due to human activity. The work seeks promote and highlight endangered diversity amongst insect specimens as well as the importance of digitally archiving natural history collections. 

Earth Rising // Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin. 21.9.23 - 24.9.23 

Application: Andrew McSweeney    Music & Sound Design: Chris Somers


Alone Again, Natura Diddily (2023) Virtual Reality

An interactive Virtual Reality (VR) application that explores the idea of digitizing and converting natural assets such as rocks, plants and cultural objects into mixed realities. Users are invited to experiment, connect and delve into the results of digitised organic objects. Environmental topics such as climate change and cultural preservation can be difficult in terms of how they are portrayed in visual art, however, new technologies and tools such as VR enable viewers to personally reflect on these important discussions. 

Earth Rising // Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin. 21.10.22 - 23.10.22 

Application: Andrew McSweeney     Music & Sound Design: Chris Somers

// Gameplay Preview

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